2019 Global Blockchain Summit - Wuzhen

2019年11月8日 8:00 ~ 2019年11月9日 17:00





    2019 Global Blockchain Summit - Wuzhen

    The Global Blockchain Summit will be taking place from November 8-9 in Wuzhen. This event will gather more than a hundred researches in the fields of Blockchain, digital assets, AI, 5G and other fields, tech gurus, opinion leaders, and initiators of hot projects, with "Applications and Crossed Borders" as the theme, conducting deep discussions on application deployment, technological front lines, industry trends and hot topics, bolstering new evolution in the blockchain ecosystem. The event will take place at the Wuzhen Internet International Exhibition Centre, opening in the Wuzhen Hall, with a more than 4,000 square metre space divided into six major theme areas, including the currently-named "Computing is Power Hardware Exposition" and more than sixty exhibitor booths. We await your presence there. The event will have more than 4,000 attendees, making it the largest event with the most societal influence of its kind in China and practically the entire world.


    Forum 1: The Birth and Evolution of Digital Assets

    Defining the next iterative cycle of mining.

    With new exchange formats emerging, who has an invincible position?

    Institutional investors are really here, how to find the next gap.


    Forum 2: Next-generation Blockchain Low-level Infrastructure

    Cryptology and Privacy Computing

    Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot... Community Ecosystem Discussion

    PoW and PoS, Consensus Games, Throne Races


    Form 3: D Future -- The future of Decentralised Finance

    The new token economy decentralised finance will bring about.

    Killer-level game applications on the horizon.

    Exchange decentralisation and value perception.


    Forum 4: Blockchain Explosion: New Hot Topics and Explorers

    Giants leading, smashing public chains, alliance chain stalemates.

    What kind of waves will stablecoins make in the market?

    After Libra, will global relevance wake up?


    Forum 5: Breaking the Siege: Insecurity and Trust

    Global Oversight Trends

    Risk Management and Governance

    Frequent coin thefts: how to build digital asset security.


    Forum 6: Fusion: Product Mergers and Implementations in the Smart Data Age

    BaaS: A new application race in blockchain.

    The fight for 5G dominance, a hyper intelligent IoT + blockchain information system.

    How for blockchain technology to serve real scenarios.

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